Our Story

There’s a saying: 

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life.

At Fish Head, we want to take that one step further. 

We say, equip a man — or woman — with the best tools to enjoy fishing and the great outdoors, and you create an angler who will give back to our pastime and our planet. Hey, you might even save the world! 

That’s not just a goal. At Fish Head, it’s our mission — it’s the reason we exist! Fishing changed our lives! It probably changed your life, too. And we want it to change more lives and to improve our sport and our planet … one lure, one shirt, one piece of fishing gear at a time. 

Fish Head started in North Georgia, on the deep, clear waters of Lake Lanier where spotted and striped bass chase shad and blueback herring and thousands of hardcore fishermen chase the spots and stripers. The original Fish Head Spin was a better mousetrap — the perfect lure for those conditions and those fish. 

Now we have a bigger perspective and a bigger product line to go along with it. But all of our products — from lures to apparel to things you haven’t even seen yet — have one thing in common. They’re built to help you have a better fishing experience, and they’re the very best. 

Ultimately, fishing is an experience, not a lure or cap or shirt. But by making the best fishing products, we can help you have a better experience. That means you’ll find more time for fishing, more time for family and friends, more time in the outdoors and more time enjoying our natural resources.

Here at Fish Head, we want to help — one piece of great fishing gear at a time.

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