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Wesley Strader, Thinking about fishing while hunting

As the seasons are changing and I sit in my deer stand, my mind is constantly spinning about fishing. I think of so many times how I could've caught them better or how I'm going to catch them. As I sit and watch how deer react to feeding spots and the breeding cycle, it reminds me of bass. The only difference is you can visually see deer behavior. Deer have feeding spots, resting spots and areas they go to seek does for breeding. Bass are no different. That's why I always try to find a feeding area. This is usually a spot where fish either pull up on top of a ledge or a channel swing or could be just a spot where bait gathers in abundance. These are prime areas to key on and while some are obvious, others are not. It doesn't matter what time of year it is they always have a feeding spot. Fish Head has a lure that will fit each one of those times of year. 
The next time you go bass fishing try to think how an animal above water would move about. 
Just some food for thought!!

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Fall to Winter Transitions

Over the years the Fall and Winter seasons have been less about deer hunting and more about fishing for me. It's the time of year that I get to do more fun fishing. I get a chance to experiment because there aren't consequences if I'm unable to catch fish that day. Having the liberty to experiment gives me the opportunity to add baits and techniques to my arsenal as well as honing existing skills I already have.

The Fall to Winter transition can affect a lot of things that bass do. The most important factor that I think you have to consider is depth. Fish want to be in the most comfortable environment while keeping their food and habitat close by. Having deeper water like a river or creek channel close by ensures that they have a nice zone to move to when cold fronts set in.

Typically the fish have been feeding on flat points off the main river channel or in the backs of creeks and pockets during the fall. Water temperatures steadily drop in the flat shallow waters following each passing cold front. Since the deeper water will be slower to cool than the shallower water, expect fish to relate to the deeper water more or possibly where current mixes the water from the surface to the bottom to a more consistent temperature.

The fish will feed on baitfish like blueback herring or shad heavily throughout the Fall and Winter and one of my first choices is a 1/2 oz Fish Head Spin rigged with a Netbait Little Spanky. Bass will begin feeding more on crayfish as the water temps cool into the Winter. I'll start to work a jig more into my arsenal then, keeping the Fish Head Spin handy when the right situation presents itself.

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Dave Lefebre Makes the Jump to the Elite Series

There are no hard feelings, but everyone keeps assuming that there are? I’m not leaving FLW after 12 seasons because I’m mad, lol. I’m simply trying to compete in more “pro-level” tournaments and have a better opportunity to earn a living and support my family. With nine regular season events (still not nearly enough in my opinion), the Basmasters Classic, plus the AOY payout, it was a no-brainer to make the jump. And the only reason I’m not fishing both tours is because there are three scheduling conflicts, and FLW will not allow me to fish the three others, which do not conflict…understandably.

Unlike those who have recently preceded me in making the move, I do not think the competition level is any higher on the Elite Series, and I think the Elite guys would agree. I do believe KVD is the best that ever lived and they have a handful of super studs like my friend, A-Mart , but believe me…FLW’s top anglers could compete any day of the week, and we all know who they are.

I am super excited about a change. I love the new venues, four northern sites, fresh formats, and different rules.

I’m considered a veteran angler, but I don’t feel like such. I feel like I’m just getting started, I’ve never been more excited for the alarm clock to go off on tournament morning. I’ll be considered a “rookie” next year, and though that label is weird at this point in my career, I think I like it! They say you’re only a rookie once, but I guess THEY were mistaken.

Some things BASS does differently than FLW (I’ve been pushing them at FLW to make these changes for years) and I can’t lie, I’m excited about those things. For example, there are no co-anglers in the back of the boat so no outside influence of any kind. No advantages or disadvantages of someone I just met netting my fish, or my competitor’s fish for that matter. Some other things that fit me better…less practice time, longer off-limit periods, smaller fields, and more cash opportunities.

I’m not mad, quite the opposite really. I’m so thankful for the opportunity FLW gave me. I wouldn’t be who I am today without that organization. I was also blessed to meet so many awesome people who have become like family throughout the years. And in no way is this goodbye, who knows what will take place in the future, but I will fish their events every chance I get.

All I know for sure is that in 2016, I’m a Bassmaster Elite Series pro. That reminds me, I need to go shopping for some bright colored shoes and get some white sunglasses!

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Dave Lefebre signs with SHL Lures

SHL Lures, LLC, now operating under the Fish Head brand, and makers of the original and patented Fish Head Spin™ announced today that it has signed a sponsorship deal with FLW Series Pro, Dave Lefebre.

“We are proud to announce our partnership with Dave as we continue to grow the Fish Head brand in the industry” said Jon Peterson, part of the ownership team of Fish Head. “Dave has been a consistent supporter of our products for many years on tour.”  Dave has had over 50 Top 10 finishes and has qualified for the Forrest Wood Cup a record setting 11 years in a row.  Dave has also won Angler of the Year multiple times.  His latest win came on the Fish Head Spin™ on Lewis Smith Lake in 2015.  “Dave is one of the top competitors on tour and is a great guy both on and off the water,” said Peterson.
"I've been using the Fish Head Spin™ my whole career and have several top 10 finishes because of them, even my latest FLW Tour win,” said Lefebre. “Though other similar baits have filtered into the market recently, the original Fish Head Spin™ is still the best one out there, it can’t be beat! I'm thrilled to join forces with a company whose products I've depended on for so long and I'm looking forward to helping develop new Fish Head products in the near future!" 

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Greg Vinson signs with SHL Lures

SHL Lures, LLC, now operating under the Fish Head brand and makers of the original and patented Fish Head Spin™ announced it has a signed a sponsorship deal with Elite Series pro Greg Vinson. 

“It has been remarkable to watch Greg follow his dream from the BFL division to the top level of bass fishing as an Elite Series Pro," said Brandon Rickman, part of the new ownership team of Fish Head. “We are honored to be a sponsor of Greg’s because of his dedication to the sport and more importantly because of the person that he is both on and off the water. As we build the Fish Head brand in the industry it is important for us to align with others who have similar interests and integrity. Greg is a professional in every sense of the word.” 

“Fish Head is known for making one of the best underspins on the market today in the Fish Head Spin™” said Vinson. “It's always been my first choice when using a presentation that involves an underspin. I am also working with Fish Head to develop new products that will be used on the Elite Series Tour as well as by fisherman throughout the world. I am a Fish Head because whether it's for fun, to relax, or to put food on the table and pay the bills, fishing is a huge part of my life. It always has been and I hope it always will be. I know this lifestyle brand will resonate with millions of other Fish Heads and I am very excited to be working with this new team and to help build the Fish Head brand!” 

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